Molly Stewart, DVM


     My veterinary medicine career started when I was 14 years old, in my home state of Mississippi. My enthusiasm lead me to work every position possible; from kennel work to reception, grooming, and finally technician. It was no surprise to anyone that I pursued a career as a veterinarian and completed my training at the Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine. I moved to Oregon in 2005 with my 6 kitties and hound dog, and practiced general medicine and surgery for several years.


     I have a passion for creating a safe and loving environment for help and healing that extends to pets and their families alike. Sometimes healing for both requires that we humanely alleviate pain and torment for the beloved pet. Peaceful euthanasia is a gift that we as humans are uniquely able to give to our pets in times of suffering, pain, and anguish. It is an opportunity to give our animal companion a dose of the unconditional love that they have given us.


    Pacific Magnolia Veterinary was born out of my passion that the experience during the end of life transition be peaceful, gracious, and meeting the needs of the pets and their family in an inherently difficult time. As this can be one of the most poignant moments in a person’s life with their pet, ideally the experience of that transition should not be compounded by the unfortunately public and often rushed atmosphere of the veterinary office. 


     I believe the best environment for this tender transition is the pet’s own home. Unlike a medical setting, the pet and owner can feel the protection and privacy they need to honor this passage. Feeling safe and comfortable further contributes to a peaceful transition for the pet and a supported emotional experience for their owner.