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An absolutely invaluable local resource for grief support for those facing or experiencing the death or other loss of a pet, including individual and group counseling and other resources on a sliding scale. 

www.Companioning.Care    (541) 255-7116

Marcella Fox, B.A., CPE, CFC has over 20 years of compassionate care backed by professional education and clinical training.  Among her services, she offers support and non-medical information for those with a loved one approaching the end of life - including an animal companion. In addition, she offers support and information for people grieving a death or other loss.         

These are professionally trained volunteers in pet bereavement counseling.  They have many resources including:

Washington State College of Veterinary Medicine has many web based resources including a grief support telephone helpline. 

Dove Lewis is a non-profit emergency pet hospital in Portland.  Grief support includes on site meetings, workshops, and many web based resources.  

Grief Support Helpline Numbers


ASPCA Pet Support Hotline:  (877) 474-3310


Chicago Veterinary Medical Association:  (630) 325-1600


Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine:  (607) 253-3932


Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine: (508) 839-7966


Washington State University School of Veterinary Medicine:  (509) 335-5704 or (866) 266-8635

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