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April 15, 2000 - May 30, 2016

Good bye Rox, my little bubba - Thank you for love, company, laughter and all the car rides we took together. I will think of you everyday for the rest of my time. And when i finally get to pass on, yours is the first name i will call out  

“Rox …… i’m home ……. i’m home baby boy…”

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On a wonderful spring afternoon I arrived in Eugene by train ready to be driven to my new apartment where i knew Rox would be waiting. And just as i had hoped he recognized me. For the 2nd time in my life I welcomed love and his spirit into my heart. I made a promise to myself I would work hard so never to be separated from him again. And just like our first time Rox took to my room and made his nest on top of my bed. And I knew for sure that I was his human too. And I was truly happy maybe for the first time since I was an older teenager. 

Our daily routine started at 8:00. He would watch my face to see if my eyes even flinched. As soon as he thought i was awake, he would set his paw on my face. The paw stays on my face until i call out his name or I start talking. Followed by his stretch-bow. Then he would come in around my neck area to press and hold for hugs and snuggle. After his good morning greeting we go outside and serve a breakfast bowl. As soon as he was done eating, he goes to bed again for a second cycle. Almost always until noon. Lucky.

Rox was now middle age. Rox had a protective personality. He patrolled my home every few hours. He had plenty of toys he would grab and bring over to me for tug of war time. His favorite was pink piggy. Car rides were pretty common and I'm certain he enjoyed those almost as much as his sunset walkabouts.

Rox had been in my life more time than most people. Rox was a lover not a fighter. He never mistreated me or betrayed me. To his tiny spirit i was the world. And i would live for him so he would always have a full life whenever work would allow me. 

I learned a lot from my little bubba. I learned to care for other animals and connect to emotions other animals have. Rox was my conduit to other animals in our forests or my back yard. The funny thing though he hardly ever acknowledged cats. It was really funny. They could sit all day by our window outside. He could be inches from them on the other side of the glass with them tapping and he would turn his back and stretch his legs before napping. He was so indifferent to cats it made me smile. Rox got along with dogs his size. Dogs had to have short hair. If a dog was fluffy with big coats he would lose his mind - in a funny way.

Every year presented new routines. We aged together. We got sick at times. I took care of his ailments. He took care of my loneliness with his presence. He always greeted me in the morning. Always thanked me for food. We were a family of 2 for a long time. And then one day Dennis came back to Roxs life and i’m certain Rox was twice as happy and that was the way it was meant to be. 

I remember the birthday i had where 2 of my friends brought me a cake and started chanting the birthday rhyme, every time they finished a sentence he would howl “aaaaoouuuuu” and they waited at the end of each line for him to howl and he did. Each and every time they paused, he sang to me. I was his human.  
Priceless memory.

Thank you Rox - my little bubba . . . . 

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August 18, 2000 - June 30, 2016

my sweet Kiara has been a treasure to our lives for 15 years ..she is and always will be MY BEST FRIEND ..her bark was soft and gentle with excitement when we came home but her bark could put fear into someone if they messed with her family..her natural herding instinct was one to reckon with ( never live stock ) just her kids in the yard little snip on the ankle and you knew she meant business like a MOTHER..slight snore meant let her sleep and move out of the way when the smell of bacon was in the air..she was a very calm non hyper love bug that everyone wanted to be around ..she was the heart beat in my life and the breath of my air ..we will forever be grateful for letting us love you and excepting us as your proud owners. Hold a spot near a park bench for us ..with our ever lasting love R.I.P. KIARA

Kiara's Story

omg..on our way to come pick YOU from the litter of border collies puppies , Tim pulled over and throw up from being nervous, i cried w/ love,and you just slept.You became the best part of our lives even after Montanna was born weighing 1LB 5 OZ and we had to stay gone for 5 months while leaving you w/ auntie.Not that bad since you were served fresh cooked food daily and was even offered $1000 cuz you were so smart from what i taught you.Nope you worshipped us like we did you.Man you sure could play a mean game of basketball w/Michael he would make you try and shoot a basket w/ your chest he wanted you be a pro ,and playing cars w/ Dakota for hours bringing them back to him in your mouth, yucky mommy was all i heard,you even managed to put a bark out when Stefanie snuck out the bedroom window to see her friends.But there you were laying under Montannas crib and watched her every move, the only puppy i know who didn't chew on her oxygen cord.Funny memories are when you barked w/ a snarl when 3 words were said CUJO/ COLTON/ was funny for the kids to tease you w/and the best one was yelling GET HIS WEINER at friends just to see her jump right in there crotch area.Tons of laughs were made possible by you.I swear you were my anti depressant for years. You saved a group of neighbor kids from a pit bull and only lost a front tooth.The trips to the beach made you nervous when the kids ran toward the water, but the ride home was all about you sleeping.A perfect mother to any new pet that came into our home.A true site was to see your excitement when one of us came home work or laying cross the bed looking out the window and me yelling GO GET YOUR KIDS.LIke a bullet you greeted them walking,jumping up on them and racing to the front door,(you always won)The best part of YOU was no matter were we lived You made it a home w/ YOUR beauty...Sending you to heaven is not easy for any of us,but what makes it ok is knowing we will see you again.Dont dress up w/ a collar or leash cuz you hated those .greet us w/ your beauty and show us the way were you have been running free of pain. MISS KIARA our lion king pride sweet lady we lay our hearts at your fluffy white paws ..thank you for worshipping us w/ your presence until we meet again ..i love you my angel

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