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Having to assist my best friend to transition into the spirit world was never something I thought about doing when I decided to be a pet owner. When he was diagnosed with bone cancer, I felt my entire world crash down around me. I was not prepared for this news (as one never is) and it devastated me. My dog, Barney, really didn't like going to the vet. It made him nervous and uncomfortable and grouchy which made me the same. So when it came time to let him go I did not want to take him out of my home to a place that was not fun and say my farewell. When I found Molly I knew it was the best option. She is an incredible caring human being and treated me and my furry best friend like we were family. I never felt rushed or pressured. I felt like I was in the hands of a wonderful human being with the utmost compassion and knowledge. Molly made sure I understood every part of the process and I am still confident I made the best, most comfortable decision for Barney and I. <3

Janell Riedl, Eugene

Home euthanasia for Rox was always going to be what I thought was best for my little buddy. I didn't have to take my little guy to a doctors office or be in a clinical setting. Roxs’ peace, calm and comfort was to me the highest priority. I was able to provide senior care for him thru various clinics and hospitals thru the years. He was loved and always will be. Everything that could be done had been done for my Rox. He was very frail and very old. Sleep was restless and there was no joy in meal time anymore this last week. Twilight was upon him and I sensed it was time. I think he did too. You see he was blind the last months of his life and yet he was turning to look me directly into my eyes that last week. Our rapport was at its strongest now. We felt it. 

I called Dr Stewart twice. One time to schedule and the other to re-schedule sooner. Dr Stewart remembered Rox as a patient from years past. She arrived promptly to the house where we discussed how the procedure worked and what order things get done. I did my homework and checked prices in this county and the next one. Hers are more than fair. And getting an appointment is quick and easy. 

Once we settled paperwork we had a few more moments with Rox while she began her doctoring. I whispered things of love, memories and promises to Rox. Gave him kisses to take with him. In my heart I knew it was a kindness we were doing. One last act of love to echo thru eternity. 

Dr Stewart is an angel. She deserves the highest praise for the work she does. I remember how gentle her touch was as she checked Rox. Her soft voice when she would inform us what needed to happen moment by moment. She was a presence I was blessed to have in this last precious memory. Thank you for being Rox's doctor one more time Dr. Stewart.

Edson Cabrera, Eugene 

This is my first time ever going through a loss of a best friend. Molly showed up with a very compassionate walk and sweet gentle eyes. We had a awning in the front lawn w/ all of my sweet KIARAs pictures on poster boards w/ sweet ocean sounds in the back ground w/ KIARAs blanket in the grass. Every move Molly made was slow and gentle. She told me everything she was doing. She was so sweet to myself and family .I cried the entire time and at some point was unable to talk. She brushed her fur aside and put her gentle hands on KIARA to let her know everything is ok. Molly is a very sweet / gentle / compassionate/ caring /huggable lady and I am so blessed to have her by our side during the passing of our KIARA. Thank you miss Molly Stewart

Jennifer Mcleod, Eugene